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Carving Set Include Thai Carving Knife Double Blade (Flexible Blade) , 4 Piece Loop Tools And Dual Marking Pencil.

Thai Carving Knife Double Blade (Flexible Blade) – Knife Consists Of 2 Shape Blades – Straight And Curve Blade,
High Quality Handmade Carving Knife, These Knives Are Light Weight Ideal For Long Hours Of Intricate Carving Work,
The Unique Blades Are Strong, Flexible, And Sharp, They Cut With Precision.

Carving With These Knives Feels Balanced, Comfortable And Blade Holds Their Sharp Edge Through Hours Of Use.

The Blade Is Made Of High-Elastic Stainless Steel, Which Is Sharp And Durable, It Has Good Bending Performance
And Excellent Elasticity.

4 Pieces High Precision Loop Tools With White Handle And Good Gripping – New Brand And Best Quality.
Rust Resistance And Very Strong, Loop Tools To Make Advance Centerpiece.

Dual Marking Pencil – Work Very Well On Wet Surface Of Fruit And Vegetable, Example – Surface Of Watermelon Pulp,
Peeled Papaya Or Pumpkin. After Doing Cut Can Remove The Marking With A Help Of Wet Kitchen Paper/Duster.

Very Important Versatile Tools For Chefs And Culinary Students To Display Skills On Fruit, Vegetable And Soap Carving.

Easiest Way To Save Time And To Free Yourself From Repetitive Tasks.

It Is The Ideal Tool For Professional Or Kitchen Enthusiasts For Intensive And Precision Work.


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