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  • Designed For Fruit And Veg Carving, Three Types Of Blade Are Available To Engrave A Variety Of Complex Patterns.
  • Set Consists Of 3 Shape Of Knives – Classical Bird’s Beak, Straight And Curve Blade.
  • Preferred By Many Carvers Around The World.
  • These Knives Are Light Weight Ideal For Long Hours Of Intricate Carving Work.
  • The Unique Blades Are Strong, Flexible, And Sharp, They Cut With Precision.
  • The Blade Is Made Of High-Elastic Stainless Steel, Which Is Sharp And Durable.
  • It Has Good Bending Performance And Excellent Elasticity.
  • Carving With These Knives Feels Balanced And Comfortable And Blade Holds Their Sharp Edge Through Hours Of Use A Unique Tool Help In Creating Very Complicated Or Detailed Thai-Style Fruit And Vegetable Carvings.
  • The Knife, When Not Maintained Well, Can Get Rusted. Please Wipe The Blade Completely And Apply A Thin Film Of Oil To Prevent From Rusting.
  • Very Important Versatile Tools For Chefs And Culinary Students To Display Skills On Fruit, Vegetable And Soap Carving. It Is The Ideal Tool For Professional Or Kitchen Enthusiasts For Intensive And Precision Work.
  • Package Weight 200 Gram (Approx) – New Brand And Best Quality.


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